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Frequently Asked Questions

What should we expect during a session?

I love to be silly. I do whatever it takes to get kids smiling and looking at the camera. I enjoy making families happy, so a session is generally just fun! My goal is to get natural shots without being super pose-y! I just want you to be comfortable and have a good time. A family portrait session should be fun. Kids (and husbands) usually don’t like getting photos made, but I make it fun!


Can I bring my own camera?

Please DO NOT bring your own camera or shoot poses with your smartphone. I spend most of my time trying to get children to look at me, so it can be very distracting if mom and dad are behind me with a camera. Thank you!!!


What can parents do to prepare?

The best thing you can do is let your kids know that this is going to be fun. I make it completely stress free, so don’t worry. The goal

here is to get your kids in a good mood. Tell them jokes, get them to play, and let them feel like they can be natural. Nothing has to be perfect! In fact, it’s always better when they get a little crazy! Try not to schedule a busy day of activities the day of the session, as you don’t want them to be too tired. Bring some snacks, drinks, and favorite toys or noise makers to keep your kids occupied. Bring their swimsuits or have them under their clothing, so we can get some playful shots!


What should we wear?

I love when families show their unique style. Wear what you love - you DON’T need to match. For sessions on the beach, pick fun colors that will pop! You don’t want to blend in. Some people like to do the matching look, but try some color and see what happens. You can also check my Pinterest page for ideas on what to wear.


What is your pricing?

I charge a session fee and you get all of your images (around 100) with light editing. If you need heavy editing like head switches or braces removal, I charge a fee per image. A $100 deposit (paid via credit card or check) is required to hold your spot and it will be applied to your session fee.


How do I make an appointment?

Fill out the contact info page at and I will contact you personally to chat about

scheduling your customized session.


How long does the shoot last?

It usually takes about an hour, but that depends on the size of your group. I only shoot one family (group) a day,

so I am dedicated to the time needed for your shoot.


What about location?

I have my favorite spots for sure, but I am happy to meet you at the venue of your choice.


What is your turnaround time?

Family portraits take about two weeks. If you need them faster, I have a $100 rush fee.


How do I view/order my photos after our session?

I will send you a thumb drive or CD within two weeks of your high resolution images from your shoot (around 100 images).


Will you make revisions after I’ve received my images?

Sure! Just let me know what you want changed and I’ll be glad to do it for you. Light editing is included, like lighting and black and white conversion. Heavy edits like braces removal and head switches start at $35 an image.


Do you have a copyright policy, and can I post my pictures to Facebook and Instagram?

I do retain the copyright to the images, so you would need permission to use them in advertising. I encourage you to post your photos to Facebook and Instagram, but I do ask that you tag my Katrice Howell Photography page!


What happens if it rains?

We can reschedule, but usually it doesn’t rain all day, so I like to play it by ear. I am very flexible, so don’t worry.

Some of the best sunsets come after a stormy day on 30A.

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